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About the Founder

Lauren Todorovic, Founder

Lauren Todorovic, Founder, has worked in the healthcare industry for over a decade and has spent this time observing, researching and acting in various positions from clinical, to quality and auditing, managerial and more recently a Cognition and Dementia Nurse Consultant.

For 4 years, during this time, Lauren volunteered at the Sacred Heart Mission with a focus on elderly homeless people. This was a major turning point in Lauren’s life, having observed first hand how the smallest of gestures can impact the lives of elderly.

The accumulative affect of her research, the situations she has been exposed to and the hundreds of individuals and families she has met along the way, has continued to drive Lauren to try and make a positive and constructive difference. Through first hand experience she has seen the barriers and successes presented in this sector providing her with the knowledge and resources to provide and act on behalf of consumers and health professionals, whilst being mindful of providers important role in the ecosystem to deliver quality care.

Lauren has established the Aged Care Report Card as a way of opening up communication channels and information sharing to support elderly people and their loved ones find quality aged care services online. Whilst for Aged Care Providers the ability to continuous improve their service through a number of management tools and key features.

A personal message from the Founder

"What matters the most to older people and their families is that they are well cared for. Throughout my career I’ve supported hundreds of seniors and their families requiring increased support to find an aged care home. It’s through this process that it became more apparent that families required additional information than what was readily available. Professionals working the in the industry even require more information when referring, it’s very difficult to make this important decision as it is".

People want greater choice, reassurance from others that the facility they are considering will do the best they can to take care of their loved one before they make such a significant life changing decision.

It is my sincere hope that together we can lead the way for improved outcomes in the industry to ensure all older people receive the very best care that we would expect for our own families.

If you would like to get in contact then drop me a line lauren@agedcarereportcard.com.au and I will be sure to get back to you.

Lauren Todorovic