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how Aged Care Providers can spread the positive word about their facility

Health professionals employed in hospitals, industry representative bodies and community centres are often obligated to not refer or recommend specific aged care facilities to the enquirer. Yet those same health professionals are primarily responsible for guiding older Australians into aged care for want of an available alternative resource. This site provides a way for health professionals to guide Australian’s towards suitable aged care facilities while maintaining their obligation to remain impartial.

Finally you can leverage positive word-of-mouth advertising for your facility, leveraging recommendations and referrals from people with first-hand experience, such as residents, their families and facility staff. Join in the conversation today!

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Participation helps you to plan, prevent and perform.

A proactive approach is a powerful tool in responding to feedback and promoting positive word-of-mouth. With an unprecedented rise in aged care products, services and investment predicted to enter the Australian market, competition is increasing. Successful businesses understand that listening to consumers, and responding to their needs, is a great way to attract new customers.

As a member of ACRC, you can respond to all comments made about your facility. You can track your reviews, collate data, and highlight any improvements you plan on making in response.

Your customers have a voice that offers you free insight into their experience. Use this to your advantage to plan for the future, improve experiences and drive better performance.

Continuous Quality Improvement Plan.

ACRC is designed to offer facilities a comprehensive review of their services. The Continuous Quality Improvement Plan is a managed approach in the health system that places emphasis on the ‘process’ of evaluation and improvement for your residents.

The process involves:

1. Identifying improvements

2. Implementing the improvements

3. Evaluating the effect of improvements and

4. Going back to identify more improvements.

With a common objective, ACRC is a wonderful tool that adds value to your Continuous Quality Improvement Plan. As part of the Accreditation process, aged care facilities are actively encouraged to consult with their residents and representatives about the decisions made in their homes relating to the care and services residents receive.

By joining with ACRC, your facility will ensure a strong continuous improvement approach as well as a focus on residents’ needs and preferences. Feedback is ongoing and can assist you in planning, doing, checking and identifying actions for your business.

How to develop a Continuous Quality Improvement Plan based on what resident feedback

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