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For the first time you can rate and review your aged care home and provide valuable insights to:

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On a scale of 1 to 5 rate where you live.

Search for your facility, select your ratings (from unacceptable to excellent), and make a comment. The collection of all ratings for a facility gives an overall result – this is the ‘Report Card’.

Provide your feedback and experiences about the aged care facility in which you, or your loved one lives, including how you believe your home rates against seven key criteria. Your facility may be wonderful, it may fare well in some categories, but could do with some improvements in others. Your suggestions give facility owners, operators, and staff an opportunity to be informed.

ACRC is a ratings site, not a ‘complaints’ website. We encourage your feedback to be constructive. Consumer consensus can really open up conversation with organisations and prompt change and innovation. You can also review facilities anonymously if it makes you more comfortable.

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Seven important standards determined by YOU.

To provide a voice for consumers we had to first understand what is really important to YOU. Residents and their families told us that the most important areas for them when choosing an aged care facility were all about the normal, everyday standards of living. It’s about being looked after, comfortable, eating well, living in a clean environment, and enjoying the people and activities around you.

This feedback forms the foundation of the ACRC Seven Standards of Excellence as rated by the consumer, not by agencies or facilities.

The power of your feedback is far reaching.

For many families, finding an aged care facility is a decision that arises quickly and needs to be made immediately. Often a loved one will need to be admitted straight from hospital. It’s a daunting and highly emotional situation.

ACRC understands that finding a ‘home’ for a loved one in a very short space of time can be very difficult, and health professionals can not be seen to actively recommend or refer specific facilities. It’s an isolating process for those involved.

You can help. Your referral for a decision of this magnitude is a great place for others to start. By reading your review, comparing ratings and even engaging in conversation, people seeking aged care facilities will feel more equipped to deal with this life changing decision. View sample Report Card

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Facility participation.

A ratings website is about transparency and improvement. Aged Care Homes that do a great job deserve to be promoted and those that achieve in some areas but fall short in others, should also be informed.

Aged care facilities that do a great job deserve to be promoted, and those that achieve in some areas but fall short in others should have the opportunity to improve.

A review site is a great resource for facilities to engage consumers PLUS it offers insight as to what customers are saying about other facilities.

ACRC encourages facilities to get active by joining and responding to reviewers. Great change and innovation can be born from transparency and responsiveness.

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